Why I am Running as City Council

To love and not to hate. To protect and not to discard. To tolerate and not to divide. We are united by values, by love, by standing together. We need a City Council that represents every Grande Prairian. A council for all Grande Prairian. We need a common ground for higher ground. Going strong fiercely against humiliation and discrimination as a city under God. We need to bridge the division that separates us.

The nurses, barber, soap maker all hustling hard to make a living and creating innovative things to make our living in GP comfortable. The place we call home wouldn’t just be the same without all these people. A city where every person whether native born, immigrant, Canada born feels included and empowered.

I’ve heard so many of you. I’ve seen you wanting more from this City. Wanting to be represented and feel like a part of the city. Being on council wouldn’t change who I am, it will reveals who I am, my values and the cultural-add I intend to bring in. 

Empathy … The ability that someone’s else experience has value too. Kids around see what’s going on, their mum screamed at, their wives treated badly at the mall, police injustice to their parents, hear their parents come home to tell stories of how they have being racially discriminated at. To make our City a place where people can dream and achieve their heart desired careers, we need to make an adjustment to the way things have been, to how we would love for it to be. A City where people know that if they fall, they can rise up faster than they fall and not have to think of relocating out of Grande Prairie.

My life is a testament to what getting up really means. Our young leaders are desperately hustling to pursue their dreams. It is up to us to add our voice to history. If you see something wrong you must say something, you must do something, and doing starts from electing me to Council. Doing everything we can by adding our representation to Council. Our youth are the future, and we have a responsibility to ensure they are well cared for, educated, mentored, and supported, else, we have failed them. Our youth cannot become who they cannot see.