Notes from Ejibola – An Intro

From the very start of this campaign, my goal will be to have an honest, open and respectful conversation with you all.

I’d envisioned the campaign to be in-person; I had hope to visit communities and have a meaningful conversation with everyone and exchange creative ideas in person, knocking on doors and getting to know the environment even better. I have determined that Ugly Rona wouldn’t stop the campaign; I have decided to get out there – in a Socially-distant way – while I may not be able to reach everyone, it is my hope to reach a lot of groups, communities, associations etc via virtual roundtables.

That’s why, starting today, I’ll be writing directly to you about the upcoming election, about the future we can build TOGETHER. I’ll be sharing personal stories and behind-the-scene moments from the several virtual campaigns. The 2021 Municipal election is quite different, the pandemic has caused a lot of chaos, and it’s effect have brought about an economic crisis that has devastated small businesses, left a lot of people unemployed and forced families to stay far apart during important seasons.

It’s time to be a step ahead of the “normal municipal government economic growth strategy” and begin to embrace technology, create innovative projects and attract more developmental opportunities to the City. Together, we will open the doors of opportunities to all Grande Prairians.

From now till election day, I’ll be writing to you to detail exactly how we can get this done. I hope you’ll keep reading.

– Ejibola –