My Pledge

In a bid to support democratic local elections, I pledge to carry out my campaigns in such a way that I:

💫 Keep local elections local by focusing my campaigns on issues that municipal elected officials can influence;

💫 Maintain independence and non-partisanship by rejecting any endorsements which would undermine my accountability to municipal residents or the autonomy of the municipality;

💫 Demonstrate transparency by sharing my vision for the municipality and providing pre-election disclosure of campaign contributions and spending;

💫 Engage in respectful behaviour by sharing my perspective, while respecting and seeking to understand differences.

Above all, as a City Councillor, I pledge to be dedicated to all residents and their families here in Grande Prairie. I will be committed in attending and taking part in meetings geared towards the growth and advancement of the city, and to show leadership to our youth and the community. I pledge to be a voice to the voiceless, and to speak on our behalf on issues too tough to be discussed and to sensitive to understand. I pledge to be knowledgeable and understand policies and bylaws, to review and profer updates where necessary in order to move the city to a place of growth and prosperity. I will be fearless to stand and advocate for us and work with other Municipals, the Province, and Federal Government on positive partnerships and regional project initiatives. Most importantly, I will be approachable, be connected with Grande Prairians, be there for us and represent us in a professional and respectable manner as your City Councillor. I will to the best of my abilities represent us, and bring my economic development, finance, and business expertise and acumen to the City. I hope you will give me that honour of representing US at the table.

This is my pledge to us!