It is Official – Vote Ejibola 2021

Today January 4th 2021, I submit my Nomination form (signed by 26 Electors in the City of Grande Prairie) to the Returning Officer at the City of Grande Prairie. Today’s event makes it official that I am a candidate in the upcoming 2021 municipal election. Today marks the beginning of my political campaign towards the election.

Someone asked me :: How ambitious can you get Ejibola?

My Response :: As ambitious enough to be able to make an impact, bring about change which we’ve longed for a long long time; ambitious enough to want to bridge the gap of inclusiveness in terms of promoting love rather than hate, emphasizing togetherness rather than divide; ambitious enough to elevating the visible minority to pursue their dreams and stand strong in the pursuit of their goals. Ambitious enough to want to take a seat at the table of affairs, making policies and taking decisions that benefits everyone of us in the City of Grande Prairie.

Love, understanding and tolerance can change our community.

If you elect me, you’ll be Represented NOT Suppressed.

Ejibola for Councilor – for representation and opportunities.

Racism enslaves everybody because both parties don’t get to have the freedom to express themselves freely in love, care, character and peace.

This is the beginning of true change. Be part of it.

We need a wide range of representation on council. If the city is not making policies that is inclusive of everyone or polices specific to and particular to all classification of the people that makes up the community, then, they’ve not started making any policy at all and such city is going to chaos. For instance We need women that can give guidance on policies that affect childcare just because they have children too and know what it takes to need care for a child. We need women who are working to give policies when it comes to EI benefits. We need women balancing home front, work, family, child at the table because those are the ones that understand what it means to really multitask and balance all areas of life.