Financial Disclosure

With recent changes to provincial legislation which has eliminated limits on what donors can give during campaign season, coupled with the removal of rules about pre-election disclosures, it has become highly necessary for me to have a page for my campaign financial disclosures.

I have decided not to have a donation page on my election website to guard against attempted undue influence; and I do this in line with my election platform of which is “Transparency”. I strongly believe adequate disclosure of how candidate’s campaign has been financed should be made available for all to read; it will be very concerning if any candidate is being financed on a large donation from a few donors. I strongly encourage voters to check out each candidate’s website or ask each candidate about their campaign financial disclosure. I am hoping we shall have a City Council that is free from influence as a result of any large donation to their campaign.

THE DONATION I HAD ASKED FOR: A lot of you had sent me an email asking for ways and links you can donate or the maximum amount of donation I am willing to accept; and I had humbly declined on all donations, RATHER, I had ask for you all to help “donate your time in spreading my digital flyer, sharing my campaign platform on my website, and talking to friends, family, colleagues, neighbor about me and the vision I have for Council” – that is the donation I had asked for. I do not believe and it shouldn’t be by the amount of lawn signs you have within the city or by the roadside that should get any candidate into council. We live in unprecedented times which requires well laid out and well thought of strategic plans, to move us to the next level of community growth. We need a table of City Councillors that have got what it takes to manage, decide, plan, and lead us into a place of competitive prosperity and economic advancement. Grande Prairie has every potential to take us to a new level of growth, HOWEVER, we need the right Council to harness those potentials without being influenced in keeping us stagnant or backwards.


As at October 4th, 2021


Please note all spending listed below are ALL personal contribution by me to the campaign.

  • Webhosting and domain (2years): $160
  • Campaign flyer creation: FREE on Canva
  • Printing campaign flyer: $145.85
  • Printing campaign signs (10 lawn signs & 2 facemasks): $332.47
  • Campaign announcement: FREE on DHT and Everything GP
  • 2021 Election Nomination deposit: $100

Total spending to date: $738.32

If you would like to donate your time to my campaign by sharing my digital flyer with your network, friends, family, colleagues etc please send me an email at and I will send you the official digital flyer to use.