VOTE Ejibola – A City Council for all Grande Prairians

I have been a proud resident of Grande Prairie since 2014. On this website, you will find my take on priorities and certain City issues that I believe are important to the City residents. You will also find important information regarding the upcoming municipal election.

Grande Prairie is a place of possibilities, a place to dream, actualize one’s vision on the same frequency as anyone living in a bigger city. With the “new normal” and several changes we see in world economies, it’s becoming essential for government particularly municipal government to apply creative and innovative strategies to solve issues that matters most. It’s absolutely time to embrace modern techniques and methods in economic growth, development and planning.

Now more than ever, is the time to have a dynamic City Council that consist of both young minds, experienced minds, and diverse cultural-adds to move the City to the next level of prosperity and opportunities. The council should be a reflection of what the city is. Our City needs someone at the table who knows first-hand what diverse residents that makes up the City are dealing with within the community. It is no longer acceptable that decisions that concerns us are made without us being a part of that decision-making. If the City is to prosper exceedingly, we’ve got to make a collective decision that will uplift everyone living in Grande Prairie.

Becoming a Councilor will definitely be great but being a Mum is my ultimate best responsibility. As such, being a Council member will help the City make decisions that will be inclusive of all children and develop youth programs that will enrich, motivate and elevate young adult. Motivation builds the future; motivation conquer a challenge; and the future belong to those who can leverage on their strength and motivational energy. If you let me, we’ll begin to see the reflection of diversity, representation and inclusion we crave for.